Strelok+.Ballistic calculator for Android


Ballistic calculator for Android. Paid version.
By buying this version you get (in comparison with the free version):
- ability to scale scope reticle (reticle subtensions) to scope magnification (if reticle is placed to second focal plane). So, it's support different scope zooms and indicate current magnification.
- "Truing" feature (Trajectory calibration)
- support of PSI pressure units and internal barometer, termometer and humidity sensor (if exist)
- you can select target type from: round target, IPCS target (old and new), IPSC Universal target, IPSC Mini target, IPSC A4 target, IPSC A target
- over 180 additional reticles!
- all new features and reticles will appear in this version, not in free version.
- paid version have ability to save 10 rifles with 10 cartridges each (free version have only 7 rifles with 5 cartridges each)



Supports imperial (yards, feet, inches, etc) and metric units.

MIL and MRAD - this is the same!

You can select reticle from list and see wind and distance corrections on reticle without turning knobs. You can send by e-mail the reticle image with holdovers and ballistic table. You can scale reticle to your scope magnification.

Supported reticles (620!): see list here

Screen Shots

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Scan QR-code with Android device

or click here if you browse this page with Android,

or start application "Play Store" on you Android phone and search "strelok+",

or click here from PC browser

Install from Amazon Appstore

Here is a video from users of Strelok+:

User manual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I want to purchase your app for my Android phone, but I know I am going to purchase a new phone in a couple of months time. Can I transfer the app to my new phone with out paying again?

A. Use the same Google account on new phone and you will not be charged twice

Q. I'm pretty sure I paid for this app before and it's asking to pay again. Is there a reason for that??

A. Try this:
Go to the Settings menu for your device.
Navigate to Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Google Play Store.
Tap the Clear Cache button.
Restart the phone and try to install the app again.

Q. I purchased Strelok+ and it did not install over Strelok (free). How do I transfer all my data from the Strelok to Strelok +?

A. Start Strelok and make "Backup rifles".
Locate folder Strelok in internal memory or external sd-card. The file must be in this folder.
Locate folder StrelokPlus in internal memory or external sd-card.
Locate file in StrelokPlus folder.
Make copy of this file to the Google Drive root folder and rename it to
After this, start Strelok+, open Settings screen, tap Google Drive button and make Import rifles from Google drive

Q. I just changed phones (both Android systems) and Strelok+ will not restore my rifle data. I removed the sd card from the old phone and placed it in the new phone, but the new phone won't restore my rifle data?

A. On the old phone. Open Settings screen, open Google Drive screen, make Export rifles
On the new phone. Open Settings screen, open Google Drive screen, make Import rifles.
That's it.

There is another way if you have Dropbox account.

1. On old Android phone make Export rifles to Dropbox
2. On new Android phone Import rifles from Dropbox
That's it.

Q. Is it compatible with airgunning as well, or is it only useable for firearms?

A. Yes, it is compatible. You can find ballistic coefficients for air rifle bullets here: Air rifles pellet database

Q. Could you try to explain how to use "truing" feature?

A. Suppose, you input muzzle speed as 2648 f/s
Shoot at distance bigger than zero distance. Suppose this is 800 yards. Calculated elevation for this distance is 26 MOA
Find out REAL elevation is needed to hit the target. Suppose this is 27 MOA.
On the trajectory validation screen input Distance as 800 yards and Elevation as 27 MOA
Tap button "Calculate" and speed at which elevation will be equal 27 MOA will be calculated. It this case, it will be 2609 f/s
Tap button "Use this velocity" and this calculated speed will replace your current cartridge speed (2648->2609) and screen will be closed.
On the main screen tap "Calculate" button and you will get calculated elevation which equals REAL elevation and equals 27 MOA
Now you can input any distance and hit the target.

Q. I have a (Nightforce, Leupold, Bushnell, etc) scope with MilDot Recticle
Is that in your library of recticles? If yes which one would I have to choose and if no is there a chance you could include it in one of your next updates?

A. MilDot - this is standard reticle and it already listed in my program, so you can select from the list reticle with name "MilDot (USMC)" and use it.

Q. Could you try to explain how to use the offset relative to first cartridge feature?

A. Sight in with first cartridge in the rifle list. Shoot with second cartridge at the same distance and note vertical and horizontal offset from center. Write this values to the program. Now you can change cartridges without zeroing rifle again.

Q. Could you try to explain further about this reticle scaling ?

A. If you have, for instance, scope with reticle in second focal plane, you be able to use reticle at all magnification range not only one fixed range (as in free version).
You need to now for sure:
1. First focal or second focal reticle you have.
2. Min. and max. magnification your scope.
3. If your reticle is placed to second focal plane you need to now magnification the reticle was calibrated for.
Tap the "Settings" button on reticle screen and input this values.
After you can set the magnification you prefer and my program will scale reticle dimensions and calculate holdovers for this magnification. No changes in physical dimensions will occur but if you move slider left and right you can see the holdovers changes.

If you doubt which focal plane your reticle is placed, leave the checkbox "This reticle in the Firest Focal Plane" in checked state.

Q. Am using a Leupold 8.5-25 scope with the varmint reticle
What ranging magnification should I use to get accurate results in your app?

A. 1. On the "Reticle" screen tap "Settings" button
2. Find on a scope power selector a big triangle. Look what magnification it corresponds. Set this magnification as "Ranging magnification".
3. Set 8.5 as "Min. magnification"
4. Set 25 as "Max.magnification"
5. Return to "Reticle" screen, select any power you want of you scope, select the same power in the scope, read holdovers from reticle and shoot.

Q. Any plan to add "Truing" feature?

A. Already included.

Q. What is your definition of "scope height"?

A. Distance between center line of scope and center line of bore. Like here.

Q. What is difference between MilDot (USMC) and MilDot (US Army)?

A.Read this good article: The Truth About Mil Dots

Q. Where is cartriges base?

A. Coming soon. You can find ballistic coefficient for your bullet here

Q. Why I can not hit the target with your ballistic program outputs?

A. Read this good article: Sources of Ballistic Program Inaccuracies

Q. Which drag function used in the program?

A. G1.



Explanation of terms:

1. Zeroing weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle (scope) in

2. Zeroing weather: match current weather:
Weather at which you zero the rifle in match the weather you shoot the range
Another words, you zero in the rifle and shoot the range at the same place and time

3. Zeroing weather: enabled (disabled):
If zeroing weather enabled, the program will consider a difference between zeroing weather and present weather.
If zeroing weather disabled, the program will consider that zeroing weather and the present weather are identical.

4. On how many percent bullet speed will change at change temperature on 15 degrees:

Suppose, you have 2 bullet velocity mesurement. 1 and 2 (for different temperatures):
TempDiference = temp_2 - temp_1;
SpeedDiference = speed_2 - speed_1;

TempModifyer = SpeedDiference/TempDiference*15/speed_1*100;

TempModifyer - this is parameter we need for input to my ballistic calculator.
2.5% - this is for very middle quality powder. Best powders can have 1.2 or so.

Here is simple calculator for this purpose: metric units, imperial units


MOA - minute of angle

MRAD - miliradian. The miliradian is a measure of angle and there are 6400 of them in a circle.

MIL - miliradian.

clicks - clicks of scope knob

Hor. - Horisontal adjustrment

Vert. - Vertical adjustrment



See also: Strelok for iPhone, Strelok Pro for Android

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